Consultancy Projects – Africa

HydroPower Plant of Laúca – Biodiversity Management Plan

Ichthtyologist consultant. Ichthyofauna survey and monitoring program of the HydroPower plant of Laúca located on the Kwanza River (Angola). Mãe d’Água, Lda. (Portugal), EnvGreen, Lda. (Angola)

dec 2015 – fev 2016

HydroPower Plant of Laúca – Monitoring of Ichthyofauna
Ichthyologist consultant responsible of 4 fish surveys. Mãe d’Água, Lda. (Portugal), EnvGreen, Lda. (Angola)
jun 2014 – nov 2015

Onshore Environmental Baseline in Area 4 (dry and wet seasons), Development Projects and their Areas of Influence, Palma District (Mozambique)

Ichthyologist consultant responsible for the survey of ichthyofauna. Baseline study of flora and fauna biodiversity inside the project’s area. BIOTA, Lda. (Portugal)

oct – nov 2014 (dry season) jan – feb 2015 (wet season)

HydroPower Plant of Laúca – Fish Rescue Programme
Ichthyologist consultant. Fish rescue programme in natural sector during river diversion by artificial channel. Mãe d’Água, Lda. (Portugal), EnvGreen, Lda. (Angola)
jul 2014

Master Plan for Tourism Development in the Okavango Basin: Phase 1 – Characterization and Diagnostic Studies, Tourism Development Scenarios, and Strategic Concept Proposal, Dirico – Cuando-Cubango Province

Ichthyologist consultant.
ArqPais, Lda. (Portugal)

jul 2012

National Water Plan of Angola
Ichthyologist at BIOTA.
Responsible for the ichthyofauna group, surveying the potential ecological values in each hydrographic unit, identifying Ecologically Sensitive Areas, and valuing of Ecosystem Services in each Hydrographic Unit.
Government of Angola, COBA, Lda./BIOTA, Lda. (Portugal)
apr 2014

Nacala Corridor Project

5 distinct EIAs on ichthyofauna data for: – Moatize Mine Expansion, Tete, Mozambique – Railway line between Moatize mine and Malawi boarder, Tete, Mozambique – Malawi – Railway line in Malawi – Existing railway line in Mozambique up to about 20 km from Nacala harbour, Cuamba – Nacala, Mozambique – Nacala harbour, Cuamba – Nacala, Mozambique VALE Ltd. (Brazil), COBA, Lda./BIOTA, Lda. (Portugal)

jun 2010

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